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Organisational Structure

The International Federation's membership elects a Board to represent them, under the terms of the "Memorandum and Articles of Association".  Currently the Board comprises seven representatives from different countries, and their backgrounds and current positions are described in the section entitled "Board of Directors".  The Board meets a minimum of once per year with Conference calls taking place every 1-2 months to assess progress of the Federation's activities and to discuss and debate new strategies, policies, plans and projects. 

A number of committees and task forces are currently in operation, namely:

The Accreditation Committee (AC).

The AC has four technical-expert committee members from around the world, including a Chair elected by the Board.  A Board member is the liaison with the AC Chair.  This committee is responsible for establishing and monitoring the technical standards of member organisations around the world and utilises around thirty highly skilled and experienced Guide Dog instructors as assessors to conduct assessments on a five-yearly basis to accredit the organisations as worthy of IGDF membership.  The AC and assessors work with member organisations to advise them on development where appropriate.  The AC meets once a year and also periodically by teleconference, to review the policies and procedures of the accreditation process and the reports of the assessors as they visit member organisations around the world.  A full list of the assessors is included on this website.

The Development Committee (DC).

The DC currently comprises of five of the guide dog industry's most experienced managerial, instructional, and guide dog breeding professionals. This new committee will meet once a year, and conduct teleconferences as necessary in order to update committee members as to new development projects. The DC will be able to have professional and technical communication with members to assist with their future development, as well as with new guide dog organisations to help them in starting their organisation.

The Finance Committee develops policies and reviews the areas of finance, annual budgets, monthly accounts, the annual report and audits of the Federation's activities and controlling its expenditure.  This committee is comprised of 3 Directors of the Board. 

The Internal Communication Taskforce ensures that member organisations are kept up to date with news from the IGDF Board. This committee is comprised of 2 Directors of the Board.

The Education Task Force is comprised of experienced Guide Dog instructors and educators from around the world.  This group is responsible for developing and maintaining the curriculum and educational framework required for training Guide Dog Mobility Instructors within the acceptable high-quality standards prescribed by the IGDF.