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Guide Dog Mobility Instructor - Cork, Ireland

The Guide Dog Mobility Instructor provides specialist training to dogs in the care of the Advanced Training Unit.  The training provided ensures the dogs achieve the required standard to go to class and graduate to working status.  The GDMI also provides specialist training and after care to Clients of the GD Program.  The training and support provided ensures the safety and proper working of the created partnership.


Key Accountabilities

  1. Carry out preliminary assessment of dogs
  2. Prepare selected dogs according to the pre-determined programme to ensure that dogs are supplied within desired time frame and quality standards. This includes ensuring dogs are class ready and appropriate matches are identified.
  3. Identifies temperamental and behavioural issues and ensures the application of appropriate solutions. Highlights all health issues and promptly refers them to be reviewed.
  4. Reports all appropriate matches & details to Client Service Administrator in the approved timeframe to ensure clients are informed of any call to class in a timely manner.
  5. Keep accurate and up to date records for dogs in their charge.  Maintain regular & appropriate communication with puppy walkers to update on the dogs progress.
  6. Works with the Client Services Team to ensure all Post Class, Follow Up and Aftercare visits are carried out in a timely manner including maintaining accurate records for client after care.
  7. Working as part of a Team to support each other and from time to time support Fundraising and other departments in the IGDB.
  8. Assist in training new staff, students, puppy walkers, Apprentice GDTs’, Guide Dog Mobility Instructors and others as required and assigned.


In addition to these key accountabilities you may also have ownership for one or more key processes. If you are required to take ownership of a key process, this will be communicated to you via your manager and/or the performance management framework.


Person Specification

  1. Qualified in dog handling and analysing dogs tempermant to provide a successful outcome for each dog.
  2. An ability to work within the complexities of a client supporting role.
  3. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of dog physchology and behavour modification.
  4. Ability to successfully embrace and solve problem canine behaviours.
  5. Excellent communication skills.
  6. Self disciplined.
  7. At least 2 years’ experience of dog handling skills and knowledge demonstrating successful delivery of an outcome.
  8. Practical experience working with dogs within either dog care or training environment.
  9. Knowledge of Guide Dog training and methods, staff training and instructional techniques and canine behaviour.
  10. Skills in MS Office.
  11. Qualification/Certificate of Higher Education in Canine Guide Dog training or an IGDF equivalent qualification.
  12. Animal Care Qualification or equivalent.
  13. Full clean driving license essential.

Organisation: Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Website: https://guidedogs.ie/

Closing date: 26th October 2018