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Guide Dog Training Manager (Head of Department) - Johannesburg, South Africa





JOB TITLE:                            GUIDE-DOG TRAINING MANAGER (Head of Department)


RESPONSIBLE TO:               Executive Director


KEY FUNCTION:   Responsible for the full function of guide-dog services and assistance to visually impaired clients.


Services and assistance to clients

  • Manages and oversees all guide-dog services to approved clients
  • Ensures the continued well-being of all dogs and visually impaired clients trained by the association by arranging, monitoring and, if necessary, personally undertaking after-care programs
    • Organises any remedial action required
  • Provides professional support to clients throughout all stages of guide-dog ownership
  • Approves recommendations from training staff regarding applicants’ suitability for guide-dog ownership
    • Where appropriate accepts blind and disabled applicants for training
    • Where not appropriate refers clients to other departments for alternative assistance
    • Arranges further assessment courses as and when required
  • Analyses and approves potential and prospective clients with a view to matching dogs with clients
  • Counsels all clients to fully understand the implications of guide-dog ownership
  • Is available to travel away from home to conduct routine and emergency after-care and interviews
  • Ensures that all client reports after training are received and, where necessary, actioned
  • Investigates and actions all accidents and complaints from clients and the public arising from guide-dog ownership and usage
  • Liaises with other technical staff involving dog care and client welfare


Training of Guide-Dogs and Clients

  • Plans training classes for the year ensuring enough training time for instructors and that as many units as possible are trained with the available resources
  • Monitors all guide-dog and client training at all levels
  • Plans all training courses for blind and disabled students and monitors these courses
  • Personally, trains classes of dogs and blind and disabled people when necessary
  • Assesses the allocation of dogs to trainers and instructors.
  • Checks all training records on a regular basis

Puppy Block, Puppy Raising, Kennels, Service and Autism

  • Keep a strong positive working relationship with the managers of Puppy Block, Puppy Raising, Kennels, Service and Autism Training
  • Work with the HOD of Puppy Raiser Supervisors to make sure the team is working together to ensure the quality standards are met
  • Look at technical training solutions to decrease the number of dogs taken off the program



  • Personally, responsible for the wellbeing of the guide dog training department and the work performance of all staff in the Department.
    • Responsible for the drafting and monthly tracking of the Guide Dog Budgets
    • Attend all Exco (Executive committee) and HOD meeting when required
    • Draft monthly reports for exco
    • Make sure the documented strategies are achieved and adhered too
    • Provides on-the-job training
    • Provides theoretical input
    • Sets curricula, examinations, etc. for apprentices
    • Monitors progress of staff and their performance
    • Makes sure that there is always adequately trained staff 
  • Assists with the recruitment of staff for the Training Department
  • Maintains good relationships with the members of the IGDF
  • Must have experience at management level



  • You will responsible and held accountable for the Guide Dog records in the Dog database. All manual systems must be kept up to date and easy to use. Every dog and client must have a full and accessible accurate record kept, among others: -
    • Client interviews, assessments, after-care and reports
    • Dog training
    • Class training
    • Home visit once a year to every guide dog owner
    • Staff training and progress
    • Make sure the guide dog secretory maintains the correct levels of support to your team



  • Liaises with other organisations involved in blind welfare and with the public in general to give talks and/or to represent the association in a public relations capacity
  • Attends meetings as requested by the Executive Director
  • Assists at the various fund-raising and public relations events as requested by the Executive Director

Closing date: 2nd December 2019