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Other Resources

International Working Dog Registry (IWDR)

IWDR is a web-based, relational database available for working dog organizations of all sizes to store data important to managing your entire organization.  This includes basic information about each dog, their status and status history, health diagnoses, training reports and behavior checklists. IWDR can also assist in managing dogs scheduled to return for training, the people with whom your dogs are placed, photos, kennel registration, microchips, estrus, litter and general reproductive data.  Powerful searches will identify subsets of records that can then be exported. For more information follow this link to IWDR Overview or email support@iwdr.org


Only the organization that “owns” the dog can enter and edit data on their dogs.  Other working dog organizations can view each other’s basic dog information, but organization’s private data remains private.  Cooperative groups have the option of working together. IWDR allows Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) to be run on large groups of genetically related dogs owned by many organizations and/or individuals.  This makes it possible for breeding programs of any size to use EBVs to predict which young dogs are superior breeding candidates. 


IWDR has the ability for multi-lingual user interface.  It runs on almost any laptop, desktop computer, tablet or even a smartphone.  IWDR is owned by The International Working Dog Breeding Association (IWDBA), a non-profit 501(c ) (3) organization.  https://www.iwdba.org/